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from the mailing list:

- We hope all you UK girls and boys haven't lost all hope in us, after 2 cancelled tours. Bad circumstances, that's all. But now we will be back, with 3 or 4 brand new songs in the bag, and lots of action for your british ass. The tour is booked by CNL Touring, and there's one more date to be announced. Please check our website for the last date, and we'll have it within a week or so. Specially invited for a couple of shows, you have the excellent Swedish band Seven Feet Four. Consider yourself lucky. Well, you can catch JR Ewing at the following venues:

JR Ewing UK Tour, February 2004:
20.02.04 - Norwich, UK @ Ferryboat
21.02.04 - TBA
22.02.04 - Glasgow, Scotland @ Nice N Sleazy
23.02.04 - Nottingham, UK @ Social (+ Seven Feet Four)
24.02.04 - London, UK @ The Metro (+ Seven Feet Four)

Anyone else going to the London date?
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